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Thinking about employing an Apprentice to help your business grow? Finding it hard
to get started because you don’t know what the process is or who to ask? Struggling
to find the time to recruit an Apprentice? Confused about how Apprenticeship reforms
and funding changes could affect you?

Help is at hand!

Here at the Apprenticeship & Training Company Ltd, we recruit, employ and arrange
training for Apprentices on behalf of employers, saving you valuable time and effort.

The Apprentice is employed by us and hosted by you.

Services we offer

  • Recruitment service – we help you find the right Apprentice for your business needs

  • Contract of employment – offering protection and peace of mind for both Apprentice and host employer

  • Payroll – we’ll take care of paying the Apprentice

  • Human resources – we’ll deal with holiday entitlement, timesheets etc

  • Training – we organise of ‘off-site’ training and coordinate the relationship between Apprentice, host employer and training provider

  • Additional mentoring and pastoral support

  • Initial health & safety / risk assessment in conjunction with training provider

  • Provision of basic PPE and CSCS training & testing

  • ‘Conversion’ support where a host employer wishes to take on full responsibility for employing directly. We will help them make sure they can do so confidently and safely without interrupting the continuity of the Apprenticeship for either themselves or the Apprentice

Shared Apprentice service

Would you like to employ an Apprentice but don’t currently have enough work for a full time Apprentice? Because we employ Apprentices on behalf of employers, we can work with you to supply an Apprentice for the amount of time you need one. This is
also  great for Apprentices too, as it gives them a variety of experiences throughout the duration of their Apprenticeship.

Get started

The first thing you need to do is contact us to register your interest.

Any questions

See our Q&A page or contact us on info@apprenticeshiptrainingcompany.org.uk.